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Monitor and Report on Mobile Devices

Mobility Intelligenceā„¢ (MI) dashboards deliver an interactive, graphical summary of your mobile device management operations and compliance allowing IT to report in real-time across the entire enterprise.

Mobile Expense Management: Monitor mobile data usage with near real-time alerts. Set policies to restrict or limit data & voice roaming. Review integrated reporting and analytics.

Mobility Intelligenceā„¢ executive and operational dashboards and reporting give a centralized, view and focus for potential issues, asset tracking and simplified management, including visibility into hardware and software inventory, configuration and vulnerability details, distribution of mobile devices across OS platforms, approval status, device capabilities, and ownership (corporate or user),

MaaS360 Mobile Device Management enhances the mobile device security and establishes a strong security system. The flexible security policies allow you to adapt security settings as per your company’s needs and requirements.

MaaS360 Mobile Device Management provides you capabilities to monitor mobile devices in USA. You can monitor the activities of mobile devices on your system and limit the access of all the devices.

It provides regulars alerts by detecting problems on the system and application that prevent the loss of confidential data. You can also restrict and limit the data usages as per your specifications. MaaS360 Mobile Device Management also gives you ease to report mobile devices in USA that is unregistered on your system.

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